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The World’s First Zero Bezel Video Walls


The World’s First Zero Bezel Video Walls


Today, Fultape launches its’ world’s first Zero Bezel video walls in the Silicon Valley of China, Shenzhen city. The Zero Bezel video walls is developed and invented by Fultape senior engineers and scientists. Before that, Fultape has been investing and working very hard to overcome the technology trouble and difficulties of the optical Zero Bezel seamless technology since 2009.


The significant advantage of the Zero Bezel video walls is that it brings human beings super large format LCD video wall displays without any gaps between screens visible in the world for the fist time. As we know, there have been huge quantities of super narrow bezel Samsung LCD video walls like 3.5mm, 3.9mm and 5.5mm bezel video walls sold in the market for years. However, the key problem is that image, picture, text and videos are cut and separated into many small parts, which makes people’s eyes uncomfortable when watch and thinking. So, the Fultape Zero Bezel video walls will be the scientific trend and best choice and option for plenty of audio visual distributors, integrators and end users of professional large format LCD displays when there is an AV or entertainment project is on construction.



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By Lilian Lian

December 17,2012