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 This site is the official website of Fultape Electronics Co., Limited ("This site"). The statement bellow is our promise to protect personal privacy rights from infringement.
It is the basic policy of Fultape Electronics Co., Limited to protect personal privacy rights from infringement. We promise to not provide personal privacy information and other unpublished information stored in our site during your use of this site, however, the following circumstances shall be exceptions:
a)       Your definite authorization in advance,
b)       Responded to requests from related governmental departments or according to the laws of the People’s Republic of China,
c)       Due to consideration of reasonable legal rights and benefits of social security and public safety and this site,
d)       Other circumstances occurred according to this statement.
Collection and use of personal information
It is no need to register in our site when visiting it. We will not ask any users or/ and visitors for private information related to his or her personal privacy , for example, name, sex, age, birthday , identification card number , telephone number, postal address, residential address, email address, etc, by filling out any forms in our site. Other information collected by online chatting tools and related to your personal information (if any) shall be used for the need to provide you our services or products only. Fultape shall neither disclose the private information provided by you during such online communications nor use them for other commercial or non-commercial purposes.
But, we will collect information having nothing to do with your privacy out of the need of SEO activities of our site. The site will collect and store information like which pages to be visited, order of visit, link channels, etc…, for example, type of your internet explorer and operation system, and domain name of your ISP server, etc…, when you visit our site. We collect such information to analyze traffic current of our site and know the countries and regions that our site is most popular to visit and the efficiency of our SEO methods. Those information are to use out of the need of our SEO activities only and will not be disclosed to the public except the designer and technical maintainer of our site. We will sign the privacy protection contract with our designer and technical maintainer to ask them for protecting personal privacy and not providing such information to any third party.
About Cookies
Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive by your browser at the request of the web server of the website that you visit. Cookies shall not read or /and destroy the information on your hard drive. They may save storage code and numbers to enable you experience more fast and easy visit to the websites. Cookies are to ensure that it is not necessary to provide your personal identification again when you are transferring from one of our web pages or services to another one. But, you may also change your browser’s settings to reject all cookies or request notice when cookies are stored on your hard drive. However, it will need to type in your personal information repeatedly and waste your time and affect your use of this site if you do not accept the cookies.
Personal information safety
 We undertake to execute necessary measurements to guarantee users’ personal information security. We will not divulge, sell or rent your personal information without your prior consent other than because of the circumstance to provide you the services you need. We may reveal your personal information according to the need of the laws of the People’s Republic of China under the very rare special circumstance, for example, the circumstance related to legal actions or other legal proceedings. When we disclose your personal information in such situation, we will adopt reasonable commercial measurements to ensure the confidentiality of the information we reveal, for example, to prohibit any form of use of your personal information out of any commercial purpose.
About links to third-party sites
This site contains links pointing to other websites. We will not undertake any legal liabilities of any privacy protection measurements of other websites. It is recommended that you shall read the privacy statement of each website you visit after leaving our site by clicking any link on this site. This privacy statement is applicable for the collection of personal information on this site only.
  Fultape will not undertake any liabilities when 1) any personal information disclosed out of that the user himself reveals his or her private identification information to other people or share such information with other people who has nothing to do with  Fultape; and 2) any disclosure, missing , larcenies or revision of any personal information caused by force majeure affecting operational stability of the internet because of any virus , hacker attack, temporary close due to governmental control, etc… .
Fultape reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms at any time.
Applicable laws
These Terms will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of laws.
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